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I have published two books in a dark fantasy series about heroic werewolves that begins in the medieval era and ends in the not so distant future. I am currently writing the third book. They are as follows: Moonwarriors, Moonwarriors: Guardians of The Night and Moonwarriors: In A Blackened Dawn

Tough Shit by Kevin Smith

Tough Shit: Life Advice from a Fat, Lazy Slob Who Did Good - Kevin Smith

I like Kevin Smith which is why I was sure I would vastly enjoy his book if it would be written and narrated with the attitude of Kevin Smith, no holds barred. 


I am happy I did not need to feel the pain of disappointment but was getting what I was asking for: fun, extremely entertaining look at the movie industry through Smith's own career and achievements in the entertaining business, and in his personal life.


What I really like is Smith's frankness and ability to humor, even when the issues are serious and often painful, too.  That's a sign (and often a cross to carry) of an good entertainer who wants to get his thoughts out there with a positive, inspirational message.


Smith's vocabulary is very body fluid oriented, which is something I personally appreciate because of reasons, but why I was excited over this book is quite simple: I truly dig listening the thoughts of talented movie personalities, and that's exactly what Kevin Smith is; talented as fuck.